Data, dimensions and deployment options

This page details and illustrates various deployment options along with two examples of the most frequently used configuration showing dimensions of available space. .

Deployment examples

The first diagram demonstrates the basic platform structure. All ramps are stowed giving an available area of 5.66m x 5.92m.   This is the basic stage, suited to platform work, be it a general work platform, camera platform or firework platform. Rigged this way Amphistage is still mobile and has potential  as carnival float!


    Next we see a four ramp deployment. The four ramp structure is used to deploy the main stage, all four ramps deployed on one side and levelled, with access steps fitted on the backstage side. This is demonstrated later on this page with full dimensions. Rigged in the way shown Amphistage may also be used as a work platform, or as bridge or ferry.


    With the aid of a service vehicle, four more ramps are available, allowing a stage with loading facilities backstage. The ramps can be independantly, hydraulically adjusted in pitch to provide loading ramps slanting down to ground or shore, whilst the stage itself is level. Loading ramps can also be configured to allow acces to the ground and on to a lorry at the same time by the use of different positions for each ramp. With all ramps deployed the available area provided is 14.32m x 5.66m       




Four ramp stage/platform complete with twin loading ramps

8 ramp structure



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